Shed your stress, not your hair!

This is hair-shedding – your body’s way of coping with your stressful life. “Your body decides to stop growing hair so that it can focus its energy and available nutrient supply on healing. It’s the body’s way of preserving your health during a stressful time, and you may only notice it 3 months after the event has occurred,” according to Maameya Dankwa, Brand Manager of Vigro® – a hair and scalp support product from Nativa.

To avoid any further damages to your body and health through stress, here are 5 simple techniques on how to help manage your stress:

  1. Take a time out: these are not only for children, but the same concept applies. Take yourself out of the stressful situation for 20 minutes. Have a cup of tea (chamomile tea is known for its relaxing qualities), go outside for fresh air or read a magazine. By removing yourself from the situation, you are not only giving yourself a moment to breathe, but also allowing your mind to focus on something else. When you come back to work on the problem once more, you are refreshed and your mind will start seeing things from a different perspective.
  2. Laugh and smile: stress can cause your muscles to tense, and that tension runs through your body making you feel uncomfortable. By laughing and smiling you are relaxing your muscles, and this can actually lower the body’s stress hormone.
  3. Exercise: it has been said time and time again – because it is true – exercise helps to relieve stress. But this doesn’t mean you have to join the local gym; a simple walk around the block, a few stretches at your desk and, if you have the vigro_shedhair_ausep2015time, Yoga is a perfect way to relax. Exercise releases endorphins – the body’s feel good hormone – which makes you feel more relaxed and less stressed.
  4. Meditate: it sounds so simple – and it is. Find somewhere quiet and comfortable, close your eyes and just be! Have a few calming tracks on hand to play on the radio and breathe. Become aware of your body starting with your toes and work your way up; just concentrate on each part and soon you will feel the stress and tension leave your body. If meditating is not an option, a few deep breaths at your desk can help lower your heart rate and blood pressure.
  5. Get chatting: chatting to a friend over the phone, on email or in person can help you relieve your tension. Sometimes we just need to get it all out and have a moaning session about what is bothering us. Not only does it help relieve the tension, but your friend might even have some great ideas that you didn’t think of.

When stress has had an impact on your hair, the active ingredients in the Vigro®3-Step System can assist the scalp with non-genetic hair thinning by cleaning and opening the hair shaft, as well as assisting hair follicles to reduce hair thinning through the active ingredient Follicusan™ (topical products). The Vigro®3-Step System also provides a combination of vitamins and minerals needed for healthy hair growth.